Grab Hold of Mangroves

As the most abundant snapper species, it’s no wonder these fighting fish are a popular catch for fishers of all abilities. These are another delicious fish of the snapper species, and you can find them around the roots of the red mangrove tree. During their spawning season between June and September, you can find mangrove snapper near shore reefs and offshore reefs, structures like bridge pilings, and grass flats.

Trip Pricing

4 Hour Charter
Price: $1,200

6 Hour Charter
Price: $1,600

8 Hour Charter
Price: $2,300

10 Hour Charter
Price: $2,850

12 Hour Charter
Price: $3,400

Trip Details

Mangrove snapper is a great catch to boost your fishing confidence. Whether a novice or fishing enthusiast, mangroves are a great way to fill your freezer. The 10-12 hour trip options get you to water depths to snag those larger mangroves.

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